Danny Macmillan Junior

Born 1985 in Plymouth, England is a Royce Gracie Black Belt and a 5th Dan Black belt in Environmental Combat System.

Danny started training at the age of 3 years old with his father who was already at the time running his own Academy. The Academy is still going strong and is where they both teach alongside each other to this day.

At the age of 14 Danny was award a Black Belt in Environmental Combat System by Geoff Thompson and Peter Constantine under The British Combat Association in Coventry, with the supervision of his Father Danny Senior.

Danny was promoted by Royce Gracie for all of his Jiu Jitsu belts, from Blue Belt in 2005 through to Black Belt in December 2013 at the Valente Brothers Academy in Miami USA. Danny travelled here to take a vigorous test in front of a panel of Royce Gracie Black Belts, Royce Gracie himself and the Valente family.

Danny has competed in many different combat arts and won titles around the World including BJJ, but in his own words says “competing is just for fun, the real world has no time limits, referees or judges and is much more unpredictable. Self defence is what I train for to protect myself, my family and friends”.

Danny coaches BJJ competitors and elite MMA fighters at MMAA alongside the Royce Gracie Jiu Jitsu Self Defence Program.

Danny Macmillan Senior

Born 1954 in Plymouth, England is a 6th Degree Black Belt and Founder of Environmental Combat System –est-1985.

Danny Senior started Martial Arts around 1975 with his father who taught him Boxing, Japanese Jiu Jitsu, Scottish knife combat, and various Stick work, Staff etc.

Danny Senior met Master Gordan Robert Rose of the Kenpo Karate/ Escrima Kadana De Mano, who was with the Great Briton Karate Union and Martial Arts Commission in 1979. He became the Representative for the British Kenpo Karate Union (BKKU) In Weapons and Empty Hands Combat in 1983.

Danny senior started Developing his own System In 1985 and called It Environmental Combat System, which is still going strong for Self Defence and producing many good fighters in the MMA and Kickboxing arena.

The Association is called Danny Macmillan’s Environmental Combat Association Integrated Systems. It is registered with WAKO GB and recognised By Master G.R. Rose 10th Degree Black Belt, the American Kenpo Union (AKU), and the Integrated Kenpo Styles (IKS)


"Danny is one of my Black Belts and has been with me a long time, he is doing a great job teaching my father’s art in the UK"

Royce Gracie - UFC Hall of Fame

"Training at MacMillan Martial Arts Academy has not only developed me in my martial arts career but as a person as well"

Harry “MADMAC” McLeman - Pro Middle Weight MMA Fighter/Bushido Challenge British Champion and BAMMA UK Signed fighter

"My 7 year old has autism and chronic anxiety; he never has the confidence to participate in anything. Despite the set backs and with much patience and understanding Danny is teaching him jiu jitsu -and he's getting good! I'm so glad I found the MacMillan Martial Arts Academy and I will be eternally grateful to Danny and his team for giving my son the gift of inclusion. Very very highly recommended!"

Alison Thornton

"Danny and his team were outstanding. Their advanced training methods helped get our guys into top condition"

James Owen - Strength and Conditioning Coach Plymouth Albion Rugby Club

"A great workout, hardest 2 hours of my life. Brilliant"

Ruairi Cushion - Plymouth Albion Scrum Half

"I’ve had the privilege of training, travelling and being friends with Danny Macmillan. A great instructor should be a skilled practitioner of their art, a role model and someone you can count on. Danny is all the above. I would give him my stamp of approval, but he already has Royce Gracie’s"

Robert Thompson – Royce Gracie Black Belt, owner of Xequemate BJJ Jacksonville, FL USA